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Sunglass Lens Color Guide

Sunglass frames come in all the colors of the rainbow, and so do their lenses. Aside from being fashionable, sunglass lens colors offer more benefits than you’d expect. Lens tint should be chosen based on more than just fashion. Learn more about each colored lens before ordering your next pair of tinted sunglasses.

Sunglass Lens Tint

Brown Lens Sunglasses

Brown and amber tinted sunglasses are popular for maintaining and improving depth perception. However, if you’re looking for a lens color that works well in all weather conditions, these are not it. Although they are perfect for bright and sunny days, they are not great for cloudy and low-light conditions. The benefits of brown lens sunglasses include:

  • Enhanced contrast
  • Improved depth perception
  • No color distortion—good sunglasses for driving and sports

Gray/Black Lens Sunglasses

Gray or black tinted sunglasses are good on sunny or cloudy days and provide overall protection. They are dark enough to reduce brightness and glare, but still leave objects appearing true to their color. The benefits of gray or black lens sunglasses include:

  • True color perception
  • Most light reduction
  • Reduced glare
  • Best all-purpose use
  • Great for different weather conditions
  • No color distortion—good for driving

Blue/Purple Lens Sunglasses

Blue or purple tinted sunglasses enhance colors and the contours of objects, while also giving a calming effect to the eyes. The benefits of blue or purple lens sunglasses include:

  • Reduced glare
  • Enhanced color perception
  • Defined contours

Green Lens Sunglasses

Green tinted sunglasses have similarities to brown and gray lenses, but provide even better contrast and color accuracy. The benefits of green lens sunglasses include:

  • Clarity in low-light weather conditions
  • True color perception
  • Enhanced contrast

Yellow/Orange Lens Sunglasses

Yellow or orange tinted sunglasses are the best option for low light or foggy conditions. They are great to wear while playing sports or in front of a computer. The benefits of yellow or orange lens sunglasses include:

  • Filter blue light
  • Reduce eye strain
  • Clarity in low-light weather conditions
  • Sharp focus

Red/Pink Lens Sunglasses

Red and pink tinted sunglasses are best to wear for winter sports or driving because of their increased depth perception and enhanced visibility. The benefits of red or pink lens sunglasses include:

  • Improved contrast
  • High depth perception
  • Reduce eye strain

Between lens color and frame shape, there are endless sunglasses possibilities—you can never have too many pairs. With our large selection of tinted sunglasses at affordable prices, you'll be able to get a pair with a different lens color for every day of the week.


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