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Prescription Sunglass Lenses

Having a pair of prescription sunglasses is the best way to keep your eyes protected in the sun. While most eyeglass lenses do contain ultraviolet (UV) ray protection, they do nothing against extreme sun glare that causes you to squint. offers you a variety of options when it comes to prescription sunglasses.

Rx Sun Lenses

Prescription Sun Lenses

If you have a single vision prescription, we offer prescription sun lenses on over 100 pairs of sunglasses. There are three different options for Rx sun lenses.

  • Standard Plastic
    Standard Lens The Standard lens is a high quality CR-39 plastic lens. These lenses are only recommended for prescriptions between +/- 3.00. The polarized enhancement is available for this lens as an added option.
  • Thin & Light Polarized Polycarbonate
    Thin & Light Lens The Thin & Light lens is an impact-resistant polycarbonate lens. These lightweight lenses are 22% thinner than our Standard lenses and are highly recommended for kids, those with active lifestyles and prescriptions that range between +/- 4.00. This lens also comes with our polarized enhancement to give extra protection against glare and eye strain.
  • Ultra Thin & Light Hi-Index
    Ultra Thin & Light Lens The Ultra Thin & Light lens is hi-index, ultra-thin lens. These lightweight lenses are 33% thinner than our Standard lenses, provides optimal comfort and helps strong prescriptions—-8.00 to +6.00—look their best. The polarized enhancement is also available for this lens as an added option.

Prescription Sun Lens Enhancements

For both single vision and progressive prescriptions, we offer two lens enhancements for eyeglass frames that will provide the look and feel of prescription sunglasses.

  • Transitions Lenses
    Transitions Lens Light-intelligent Transitions™ Signature® lenses are available for both single vision and progressive prescriptions. As these lenses automatically respond to changing light conditions, they’re a great choice for people who aren’t fond of carrying two pairs of glasses at all times. However, Transitions™ Signature® lenses are only available for eyeglass frames.
  • Sun Tint
    Sun Tint Lens The Sun Tint enhancement is available for all prescriptions and all eyeglass frames. This is the recommended option for people with progressive prescriptions who are wanting prescription sunglasses. This enhancement provides 80% opacity and 100% UV protection for the complete look and feel of prescription sunglasses.

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