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Buying the Right Glasses for Your Child

While it’s great to have a lot of options when shopping for kids eyewear, sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming. To help you hone in on what’s important, we’ve called out a few things to keep in mind while you shop.

Buy the right frame for your child

Choosing Frames

  • Prescription:
    If your child has a prescription that’s not within +/-4.00, their lenses will most likely be quite thick. Avoid choosing oversized frames as they will make the lenses appear even thicker. A frame such as the Picklez Rover would be ideal for stronger prescriptions.
  • Material:
    Your child’s age and activity level is crucial in the frame material selection process. Be sure to select something that ensures maximum safety and comfort. Aside from the traditional plastic and metal frames, we also offer the Picklez Flex collection—a line of flexible plastic styles with straps that are virtually indestructible.

Selecting Lenses

  • Prescription:
    Prescription strength plays an important role in the lens selection step. The lens index number indicates its thickness. The higher the index number, the thinner the lens. Those with prescriptions outside the parameters of +/- 4.00 should pay special attention to the lens index when choosing lenses.
  • Material:
    While the impact-resistant Thin & Light polycarbonate lens is usually recommended for all kids’ glasses, the Ultra Thin & Light hi-index lens should also be considered for stronger prescriptions. For an all-in-one, indoor/outdoor package, the light-adaptive Transitions® Signature® lens is the perfect choice.

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