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Buying the Right Glasses for Your Child

While it’s great to have a lot of options when shopping for kids eyewear, sometimes it can be a tad overwhelming. To help you hone in on what’s important, we’ve called out a few things to keep in mind while you shop.

Buy the right frame for your child

Finding the Right Fit for Kids' Glasses

When it comes to glasses for kids, the fit is the most important factor. You want to make sure that their glasses are secure, yet comfortable. The best way to get the correct measurements is from your child’s current pair of glasses (if they fit well). The measurements for the lens width, bridge width, and temple length should be labeled on the inside of the temple. If the numbers are rubbed off, there are a few easy steps to measure the frames yourself. Learn more in our Best Fit for Kids' Eyewear guide.

Best Frame Materials for Children's Glasses

Your child’s age and activity level are crucial in the frame material selection process. Be sure to select something that ensures maximum safety and comfort such as hypoallergenic and flexible frames. Frames with spring hinges offer a more flexible fit and allow for better movement. Aside from the traditional plastic and metal frames, we also offer the Picklez Flex collection—a line of flexible plastic frames with removable straps that help keep glasses in place.

Frame Colors and Styles for Kids' Eyewear

There are plenty of fun frames to get kids excited about wearing eyeglasses. Playful patterns and favorite colors are often a good route to go when browsing for kids’ frames. Popular brands like Disney, Paw Patrol, Nickelodeon, and Spider-Man give kids the opportunity to show off their favorite characters.

Best Lenses for Kids' Glasses

While the impact-resistant polycarbonate lens is usually recommended for all kids’ glasses, the hi-index lens should also be considered for stronger prescriptions. Blue light lenses are a great lens enhancement option for children that spend a lot of time outside or looking at screens.

Sunglasses for Kids

It is extremely important to protect eyes from ultraviolet rays (UV), especially for young children. Prescriptions can be added to all of our kids sunglasses so that your child’s vision is corrected while also being protected from the sun. We also have kids' prescription polarized sunglasses that help reduce reflections and eliminate glare. For an all-in-one, indoor/outdoor package, the light-adaptive Transitions™ Signature® lens is a perfect choice.

Backup Pair

Your child will probably lose or break a pair of glasses sooner or later. It is best to have a backup pair so that they are not left without glasses while you wait to get another pair. If the glasses are broken or lost within a year, our 365-day kid proof warranty allows for free replacements with no questions asked.

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