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Kids & Glasses

Shopping for kids glasses can be a daunting undertaking. That's why we've created this whole section to help you through the process.

Kids' Eyewear Collections

Discount Glasses offers every style of eyewear from newborn to adulthood. Our kids' eyewear spans all ages from baby glasses to little kids frames to eyeglasses for teens and young adults.

Buying Kids Glasses Online

A step-by-step guide to buying kids glasses online.

How to Find the Best Fit for Kids' Glasses

A comprehensive guide to finding the perfect fitting glasses for your child online.

Choosing the Right Frame Material for Your Child

Finding the right frames for your kid is complicated, so we compiled the pros and cons of plastic and metal frames to help you pick the perfect pair.

Backup Pair for Kids

Kids and glasses aren't a magical pair so we made the frames affordable. On top of that, parents will get a deal for buying more than one pair and stay ahead of the dreaded playground incident.

Buying the Right Glasses for Your Child

Shopping for kids’ glasses involves more than simply choosing a color. Check out a few important details you should keep in mind.

365-Day Kid-Proof Warranty

Dog ate your glasses? Scratched lenses? Playground mishap? No worries—all kids' glasses come with our unmatched 365-day Kid-Proof Warranty.

Kids' Vision: Importance of Early Eye Exams

Eye exams are not just for kids who need vision correction. Getting your child a comprehensive eye exam is key in early detection and essential to correcting potential vision problems.

Sports Goggles for Kids

It's essential to keep your eyes protected no matter the situation. Take a look into sports goggles and the features they have to offer.

Helping Kids Adjust to New Glasses

If you’ve just ordered new glasses for your child, they might need some time to get used to them. Learn about the common symptoms and solutions for kids adjusting to new glasses.

Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Protect your child’s eyes from harsh blue light by adding blue light lenses to our kids’ eyeglasses.