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How to Prevent Glasses from Fogging

As an eyeglass wearer, you are well aware of this issue—foggy glasses. Not only is it annoying, but it can also be dangerous. If you're in a situation that requires your full attention and you can’t quickly rub them clean, it’s a hazard. Use these tips so that you’re prepared for those frustrating fog ups in the future.

Foggy Glasses Prevention

While Wearing a Face Mask

For anyone wearing a face mask, your glasses can frequently fog up from the warm breath hitting the lenses. Whether you’re cleaning your house or working on a DIY project, these tips will help you learn how to prevent your glasses from fogging:

  • Tighten Mask: Your breath should be going out through the center of the mask, not out the top. If this is happening, your mask is too loose. Make sure your ties are tight and secure around your ears.
  • Mold Mask to Nose: If there is extra space at the top of your mask, your breath will seep through the sides of your nose. Push the sides down of your mask so it is formed to your nose. Most masks have a metal strip at the top for easy adjusting.
  • Insert Tissue: Putting a strip of tissue at the top of your mask touching your nose will temporarily block your breath from hitting your glasses.
  • Use Tape: If the top of your mask still refuses to stay down, attach tape to the top of the mask to secure it across your nose.
  • Shift Glasses Down: Although not ideal, this is a short-term fix. If your glasses are slightly over your mask, the lenses will be blocked from your breath coming out the top. If you have a strong prescription, this is not the best option for you since it can distort your vision.

In Hot or Cold Temperatures

Extreme temperature changes lead to foggy glasses. Activities such as walking outside on a winter day, working out, putting your glasses on after a shower, or even straining your pasta noodles are all prone to causing foggy lenses. Learn how to keep glasses from fogging up in hot or cold weather.

Wiping Foggy Glasses

General Tips to Preventing Foggy Glasses:

  • Wash With Soap and Water: Cleaning your glasses is essential for eyeglass fog prevention, but most people overlook it. If you wash your lenses with soap and water and then let them air dry or with a cleaning cloth, it will temporarily prevent fogging (and bacteria buildup).
  • Use Anti-Fog: Stop glasses from fogging with an anti-fog solution. They come in the forms of towelettes, sprays, and more. These work as a water-resistant coating to counteract the fogging.
  • Adjust Glasses: If you constantly have fogging eyeglasses, they may not fit right. They could be too tight, not allowing any air flow and causing condensation. You can slightly adjust your eyeglasses on your own for a better fit.

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