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How to Donate Glasses

If you have an old pair of glasses laying around that you never wear, it’s time to part ways. Your first thought may be to throw them away, but there are better options. Many organizations will gladly accept used prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses!

Donating Eyeglasses

Why You Should Donate Old Glasses

You know what they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. While glasses are a necessity for some, they are a luxury for others. Many people need vision correction, but not everyone can afford it. Donating your glasses is essentially giving someone the gift of sight. It’s an easy gesture that can change someone’s life.

How to Donate Glasses

Depending on where you choose to donate your glasses, there may be different requirements. In general, there are a few guidelines to go by. Most places will accept:

  • Gently used prescription glasses
  • Non-prescription glasses (reading glasses or sunglasses)
  • Glasses frames
  • New, unused glasses

Where to Donate Glasses

  • Lions Club International: Lions Club has eyeglasses and hearing aid recycling that they collect and donate to developing countries from their eyeglass recycling centers. Find a local Lion’s Club near you with their club locator.
  • ReSpectacle: ReSpectacle is a nonprofit organization that redistributes used glasses to underserved communities worldwide. They accept gently used glasses by mail. You can learn where to donate and what their guidelines are here.
  • America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses: The Lions Club bright yellow and blue donation boxes can be found inside some America’s Best stores. Find your nearest location here.
  • Walmart or Sam's Club: Walmart Vision Centers and Sam’s Club partners with the Lions Club and have collection boxes at some of their various supercenters.
  • Goodwill: Along with all your other belongings, you can also donate eyeglasses to your local Goodwill. They partner with various nonprofits to supply glasses to the less fortunate.

Donating and recycling glasses is the best way to declutter while also giving back. Do yourself, the environment, and the community a favor by donating your glasses today!

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