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Reading Glasses

Having trouble reading the newspaper, menus or even your phone? It might be time for you to consider reading glasses.

Reading Glasses

Do You Need Reading Glasses?

As we age, we naturally lose elasticity in the eye, making reading difficult. This condition is called presbyopia. Some signs and symptoms of presbyopia are squinting, moving reading material farther away, headaches when trying to read and difficulty reading in low light conditions.

Types of Reading Glasses

  • Single Vision Readers: Single vision readers have a single magnification throughout the entire lens.
  • Bifocal Readers: Bifocal readers have only a magnification in the bottom portion of the lens that allows you to see near objects clearly.
  • Computer Readers: Computer readers have a lower half that is full magnification while the upper half has slight magnification. Most of these also filter blue light.
  • Reading Sunglasses: Reading sunglasses can be single vision or bifocal readers and have the added benefit of full UV ray protection.
  • Folding Reading Glasses: Folding readers bend at the center of the bridge, allowing the glasses to be folded in half for convenient storage and easy access.

Find the Right Strength

While the lack of a prescription requirement makes purchasing readers more convenient, it can be challenging to find the proper strength. Finding the right strength is important because wearing the wrong one can cause headaches, dizziness, or nausea. If you are unsure of what strength you need, use our online guide to find your reading glasses strength.

Still haven't found the right readers for you? Customize your own with our ability to add reading correction to any of our eyeglasses or sunglasses!