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Glasses Hinge Types

Standard/Barrel Hinges

Barrel hinges are the most common type of hinge. This hinge consists of many interlocking ‘loops’ that are stabilized with a small screw. The standard/barrel hinge is highly durable and easy to repair—a perennial favorite.

Spring Hinges

Another popular choice for glasses are spring hinges. These hinges can extend past the standard 90° and press a little more on the temples. Spring hinges are great for those who live active lifestyles because of this “snug” fit. However, repairing these hinges is not for the faint of heart. Specialty tools are usually required.

180° Hinges

This is a type of spring hinge that offers even more mobility. Since the temples can bend a full 180 degrees without the fear of breaking, they are a great option for kids’ frames. Glasses with 180 degree hinges are also beneficial for adults who want the extra comfort and flexibility—making them popular for oversized frames. 

No Hinges

A recent trend in frames is ditching hinges altogether. Yes, you heard that correctly—no barrels, no screws, no hinges. This style is great for kids as it allows a wide range of flexibility without the worry of “extra” pieces and parts. Our Picklez Flex collection for babies and little kids features all hingeless frames for maximum durability.