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Westend Sophia Turquoise Glasses

Westend Sophia seamlessly blends classic charm with modern aesthetics, making it an indispensable companion for the woman who craves a standout look. Westend Sophia, a charismatic and versatile choice that effortlessly fuses timeless allure with a touch of contemporary flair, ensuring you shine with confidence in every setting. A classic masterpiece in Square Full Frame Plastic Eyeglasses meticulously crafted for the contemporary woman with a penchant for sophistication. Tailored for adults, these frames in captivating Aqua or classic Tortoise redefine the essence of style. With practical spring hinges ensuring comfort and durability, this eyewear is not merely an accessory but a bold fashion statement.

Westend Sophia

Westend Sophia

140 mm53 mm43 mm19 mm

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Westend Sophia

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