World Optometry Day

Amanda Schafer

World Optometry Day

Now more than ever, in 2021, it is especially important to recognize and appreciate health care professionals. The 23rd of March is a day to celebrate optometrists!

The History of World Optometry Day

In 1986, Dr. G. Burt Holmes, the former president of the American Optometric Association, became the owner of the International Optometric and Optical League (IOOL). He transformed the league into an organization that was dedicated to improving vision care standards worldwide. He proposed the celebration of World Optometry Day in 1987 to promote and improve optometric education around the world.

The Importance of Optometrist Visits

This day is not only to appreciate optometrists, but to bring awareness to the importance of routine eye exams and optometrist visits. An optometrist offers primary health care for the eye. They perform routine vision tests, prescribe and fit glasses and contacts, monitor medically related eye conditions related to diseases, and treat certain eye conditions.

Eye care is a crucial part of our health that we can sometimes overlook. Thanks to optometrists, our vision is in good hands. Make sure to thank your optometrist at your next visit!

Amanda Schafer

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