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The History of the Monocle

Lifestyle, Fashion

Ever wonder why only wealthy Monopoly man types are the ones sporting the iconic single lens? We did, too. After all, we sell a lot of reading monocles, but we really didn't know much about them. We did a little digging and uncovered a few interesting facts about the rise and fall of the single lens eyepiece.


The Lowdown on the Monocle

Lifestyle, Fashion

Monocles might not be as mainstream as they were in 19th century Great Britain, but according to our buyer, they're still very much a thing. Once only associated with snarling German generals, the dashing Mr. Peanut, or hoity-toity dandies from a bygone era—it seems that these convenient magnifiers still have their very own subculture of fans. After launching them on our site in 2014, we've seen annual sales of the curious single lens magnifier steadily go up.

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