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Happy Anniversary to Us!


Four years ago, we took a leap of faith and stepped outside of the contact lens world we'd known for over two decades. We decided that the time was right to do for glasses what we did for contacts—provide customers with an online shopping experience that guaranteed great quality eyewear and service that has since been called stellar. (We couldn't forgo the humble brag.) We jumped into the idea with both feet, and it's been a spectacular ride ever since. Glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, computer glasses—if your eyes needed it, we wanted to get it to you at the lowest cost possible.


The History of the Monocle

Lifestyle, Fashion

Ever wonder why only wealthy Monopoly man types are the ones sporting the iconic single lens? We did, too. After all, we sell a lot of reading monocles, but we really didn't know much about them. We did a little digging and uncovered a few interesting facts about the rise and fall of the single lens eyepiece.


What Reading Glasses Strength Do I Need?


Much like death and taxes, reading glasses are one of those things you can count on in life. After you hit that milestone 40th birthday, it's like a switch turns off and your once-amazing eyesight is suddenly a blurred mess that makes menus and text messages archenemy number one.

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