Pets in Glasses

Amanda Schafer

We’ve seen our eyewear on adults and kids, but what about pets? Since we’ve been spending so much time at home, we decided to showcase our cute, new coworkers. Our employees sent in pictures of their furry friends wearing Discount Glasses eyewear for all to enjoy.

Picklez Ziggy

Burgh in Picklez Ziggy

Burgh, named after the city of Pittsburgh since her owner Ashley, our Marketing Retention Specialist, is a big Steelers fan, is staying cool in the pool while rocking her Picklez Ziggy Mirror sunglasses. Not only are these the perfect frames for kids, they are a great fit for dogs too.

Arlington AR1001

Mona in Arlington AR1001

Mona is looking stylish and studious in her Arlington AR1001 eyeglasses. She’s staying cozy on the couch with her owner Oliva, our Social Media Supervisor.

Lunettos Nico

Gary in Lunettos Nico

Gary was so excited to try on his new Lunettos Nico eyeglasses that he couldn’t pull them away from Scott, our Product Manager, fast enough!

Westend Highbanks

Frankie in Westend Highbanks

Our Merchandising Manager, Elise, caught her cat Frankie chilling in her Westend Highbanks sunglasses. It must’ve been too bright out for her mid-day nap, so she had to put on some shades. Now all she needs is a “do not disturb” sign.

Prive Maestro

Teays in Prive Revaux Maestro

My dog Teays, named after Teays Valley, West Virginia where he was rescued, is looking tall, dark, and handsome in his new Prive Revaux Maestro Sun sunglasses. (You may or may not be able to see his owners dangling a tasty treat in the lens reflection.)

Westend Mason

Gloom in Westend Mason

Who better to wear cat eye frames than a cat? Our Content and Creative Supervisor, Mara, clearly treats Gloom like royalty. Our Westend Mason eyeglasses have never looked so luxurious!


Chester Being Chester

Last but definitely not least, we have Chester in the thickest lenses imaginable (we need to get these into production ASAP). Jason, our UX Director, completed this retro look by pulling back his ears into a high pony with a neon green scrunchie.

Thanks to all of our cooperative pets for being such amazing models (looking at you Gary and Frankie) and the patient owners for providing us with these adorable photos. *No pets were harmed and no lenses were scratched in the process.

Amanda Schafer

A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, Amanda works hard at balancing her passion for writing and marketing. She is a Pittsburgh native that just recently moved to Columbus and enjoys doing just about anything outdoors from going on hikes to taking her dog for walks around the city.

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