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Amanda Schafer

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If you or your kid is struggling with glasses sliding down your nose, then you’re in luck. Our Comfort Fit, also referred to as low bridge or Asian fit, glasses have silicone nose pads to help keep glasses from slipping. Anyone with shallow set noses may also have flatter facial features, higher cheekbones, and a wider face, making it harder for most glasses to stay in place. Our Westend Collection was the first to become comfort fit frames. Since you all loved the no-slip grip so much, we decided to expand the nose pads feature to our Lunettos and Picklez eyeglasses as well!

Lunettos Comfort Fit Frames


Our Lunettos Collection is known for offering affordable eyewear for everyone consisting of men’s, women’s, and kids’ glasses. Now, with silicone nose pads, the Lunetto’s eyeglasses are even more inclusive. Not only will they work for every family member, but they will fit more face shapes.

Picklez Comfort Fit Frames


We all know it can be hard to keep a pair of glasses on your kids’ face. Our Picklez kids’ frames are already known for being flexible and durable, but now they have silicone nose pads for an even more comfortable and secure fit. You can be confident that your child will have a pair of eyeglasses that will stay in place during all their little adventures.

Shop now for glasses that are so comfortable you’ll forget you’re wearing them. Say goodbye to adjusting your glasses all day with our Comfort Fit Frames!


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