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Frames We Love: Eight to Eighty Brian

Lifestyle, Fashion

Our email marketer, Mán, knows how to reach the masses with just a few clicks of the button. But when he's not trying to communicate with the world, Mán is a foodie who’s always down to try the hottest new restaurants and knows how to look good while doing it.


2 Minute Makeup Because 5 Is Just Too Long

Lifestyle, Fashion

My idea of wearing makeup involves a 30-second process of applying eyeliner and occasionally, if I'm feeling up to it, mascara. A lot of my thoughts on makeup had to do with my mother’s belief that girls shouldn’t wear makeup until college. She never taught me how to properly apply makeup to avoid looking like Chuckles the Clown, so I stuck to what was easiest—drawing on my eyelids with a pencil.