How to Find Your Face Shape

Karen Vujnovic

Glasses should complement your face shape, but some are a little more challenging to recognize than others. Here's an easy step-by-step way to find out where you land in the world of face shapes.

Step 1  Grab a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror.

Step 1. Grab a measuring tape and stand in front of a mirror.

Step 2  Complete the following measurements in millimeters and write down the results.

Complete the measurements in milimeters and write down the results.
  • Measure the top of one cheekbone to the other.
  • Measure the height of the middle of your forehead (from your brow line and hair line).
  • Measure from the base of one side of your jaw to the tip of your chin.
  • Measure from the bottom of your chin to your hair line.

Step 3  Compare your measurements to the face shapes below.

Oval facial height is close or slightly less than 1.5x the width, and your forehead, cheeks, and chin measurements are similar
Round facial width and height are similar, and your forehead and jaw are more narrow than the cheeks.
For a heart shaped face, your forehead measurement is wider than cheekbones and significantly wider than chin.
In the square shaped face, height and weight are nearly identical, and your jaw and forehead measurements are close to cheek measurement.
For the diamond face shape, your cheek measurement is significantly wider than forehead and jaw measurement.
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That's all there is to it! Which face shape do you have? Share with us below or on social using #DiscountGlasses.

Karen Vujnovic

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