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Karen Vujnovic


As much as we love glasses—and helping people mix up their style with great looking eyewear—we understand that some days it's nice to be free from frames. Maybe you want to swim, ski, or just give your eyes a little breathing room, so to speak. Taking off the glasses can give a person a new, unrestricted perspective. But, before you whip off your glasses à la Clark Kent and don your red cape, you're going to need something to pop into your peepers so you can see those tall buildings before you leap.

One word: contacts! Seems obvious, we know, but, contacts can be costly, and we're all about saving you and your family a little green while giving you what you need to live the life you want.

Eyesight is vital whether you're a superhero or an all-around super person—that's where our sister site comes in. DiscountContactLenses.com, if we do say so ourselves, is our answer to your woes of ordering contacts online. We offer great pricing, lots of deals (make sure to sign up for emails), a large selection of name brand contacts, and free shipping over $99.

And for our contact lens customers, we make it easy as pie to keep the contacts coming your way. Our savvy developers created an app that makes reordering contacts a snap. Our little app keeps all of your information stored safely, reminds you when time's almost up on a prescription, or when you need to reorder. And, in a tap or two you're on your way to becoming the recipient of a fine new box of contacts.

Karen Vujnovic

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