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Karen Vujnovic

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Soon, many of us will head back to school. Little ones, tweens, teens, college students, teachers and professors alike will be back at their educational institutions to teach and be taught. Emotions are mixed, the air is still warm, and the days of lazing about are coming to a close. Now's the time to prepare. Make a list, check it twice, and get everything you need for the school year.

Big box stores have your pens, notebooks, and crayons needs covered. The mall has every t-shirt and backpack you desire. And us? We have everything to make seeing the board, taking notes, and cramming for exams a whole lot easier on the eyes.

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Kids' Glasses

Newborns to tweens need glasses that can take a beating—or have a 365-day guarantee and free returns. We offer both!

Shop Westend Kennybrook Bluff


Sassy, smart, sophisticated styles that rule the school. Add blue light lenses to any style to protect your eyes while using digital devices!

Shop Lunettos Casey


Early morning classes after nights out call for a good pair of sunnies.

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Bump up the font and show unruly students who's boss when you look over the top.

Shop Blutech Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Keep the glare down when you knock out A+ paper after A+ paper.

Karen Vujnovic

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