Titanium Eyeglass Frames: Arlington

Amanda Schafer

Arlington Titanium Eyewear

All of our Arlington glasses are now made out of titanium! We still have all of your favorite styles, just with a new and improved material.

Why Titanium?

Titanium is used in many fields including aerospace, military, automotive, industrial and more because of its strength and durability. In addition to being super strong, titanium is also ultra-lightweight making it a great material for eyeglass frames.

Benefits of Titanium Eyeglass Frames

We redesigned all of our Arlington frames to be made out of titanium since it has tons of benefits. Some advantages of titanium glasses frames include:

  • Durability
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Retains its color
  • Rust proof
  • Resists corrosion from facial acids
  • Flexible; can be bent and twisted
  • Hypo-allergenic

These functional and fashionable eyeglasses are long lasting and will never go out of style! Try them out for yourself risk free thanks to our happiness guarantee!


Amanda Schafer

A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, Amanda works hard at balancing her passion for writing and marketing. She is a Pittsburgh native that just recently moved to Columbus and enjoys doing just about anything outdoors from going on hikes to taking her dog for walks around the city.

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