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Karen Vujnovic


After much chatting, debating, and planning, we are happy to introduce you to the DiscountGlasses.com blog! We plan to use our newly conceived platform to inspire your eyewear style, share the latest industry news, suggest good reads, shatter your views about affordable versus cheap, share tips, talk all things travel, and (it goes without saying) rave about our favorite frames!

As dedicated as we are to making savvy shoppers look amazing, we're also firm believers in living life to the fullest. Low prices on eyewear mean you get to spend more money elsewhere (and check off more bucket list items). Part of us helping people get to where they want to be and live the life they want is connecting with our customers and building relationships. This blog is our way of doing just that. .

Our team will be delighted to hear what you have to say—even the criticism (just keep it clean—we're a family-friendly business) in the blog comments section or on any of our social channels using #DiscountGlasses. We want to know what you think we do well and where we could improve. It's how we all grow, right?

So, as our young blog blossoms into an eye-opening hub of content, we hope to entice you, captivate you, entertain you, motivate you, and learn from you. We look forward to having your eyes here and your finger on the share button. If you like what we're doing, help us get the word out. Let your friends and family know that we're a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of company that lets you leave your stifled spectacle zone—all while saving you some cash to do more of the things that matter.

Life's short—mix it up.

Karen Vujnovic

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