2 Minute Makeup Because 5 Is Just Too Long

Wendy Noll

2 minute makeup routine

My idea of wearing makeup involves a 30-second process of applying eyeliner and occasionally, if I'm feeling up to it, mascara. A lot of my thoughts on makeup had to do with my mother’s belief that girls shouldn’t wear makeup until college. She never taught me how to properly apply makeup to avoid looking like Chuckles the Clown, so I stuck to what was easiest—drawing on my eyelids with a pencil.

It wasn’t until after college and the wedding invitations started flowing in that I decided it was time to make a trip to a department store makeup counter to get some advice. After meeting with people who knew what they were doing, here's my takeaway for a fail-proof, no muss, no fuss makeup routine that’s perfect for everyone.

  1. BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer
    A BB cream—a combination SPF, primer, and anti-aging cream—or tinted moisturizer that hydrates while giving you minimal coverage are perfect solutions to help even out skin tone and not leave your skin feeling cakey.
  2. Mascara
    Mascara gives your eyes instant definition (even behind glasses) and highlights your eyes without eyeliner or eyeshadow, creating a put-together look. And although waterproof mascara might be a pain to take off, it’s very handy if your eyes water constantly or you wear glasses.
  3. Lip Balm or Lip Gloss
    Lip balm or gloss helps boost moisture and keep your lips smooth, and many have a slight tint that gives your lips a natural glow.

With an increasing number of celebrities and models going au naturel for photo shoots, the “less is more” trend is really taking off. In fact, the “no makeup” makeup look is in high demand. This quick three-step makeup routine will keep your skin looking younger longer while creating the ultimate “no makeup” makeup look. You can now give yourself those extra few minutes of sleep in the morning without looking like you did. Functional. Fashionable. Fabulous.

Wendy Noll

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