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Try Before You Buy
  1. Select up to 2 frames and add prescription lenses.
  2. Check the box on the Shopping Cart page to try them for 2 weeks—for FREE.

We know trying new things can be scary, so we’re making it simple. Choose up to 2 frames (with lenses) to test out for 2 weeks—for free!

Once you've decided they make the cut, simply keep them and we'll take care of the rest.*

*Offer limited to orders that contain 2 or less pairs of prescription eyewear, where the order total is less than $300, shipping within the continential US, excluding APOS. A valid credit card is required. A $0.01 authorization will be placed on your credit card to ensure it is valid. Customers qualify for only one Try Before You Buy order at a time. Your card will be charged 17 days after your order is shipped unless the frames are returned. There will be no replacements or exchanges for any reason. Refunds are only offered if trial period is over.
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