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Buying Sunglasses Online

Before the idea that UV protection was necessary for your eyes, sunglasses were thought of as merely an accessory—something you picked up in the grocery store checkout lines or a last minute add-on while out shopping for a new outfit. Nowadays, you can buy everything online, but shopping for sunglasses online can still be a little daunting. Never fear, we’re here to give you the inside scoop on what to look for when buying sunglasses online.

ordering sunglasses online


Retail and optical stores may carry the latest styles in eyewear, but there’s not nearly the same selection as online. When shopping online, sunglasses are available in every shape, color, and size at the touch of a button. There are even options for various lenses such as mirrored, polarized, gradient, prescription, and more so you can customize your perfect pair. To see how you’ll look in the sunglasses before purchasing them, use our virtual try-on feature.

UV Protection

One of the most important factors of sunglasses is the ultra-violet (UV) protection. After all, sunlight is the main source of UV radiation. Choose sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UV rays.


Sunglasses sold online are the same quality as those sold in the store since they come from the same manufacturers. If you’re worried about receiving glasses that don’t match the quality you’re looking for, check out the online retailer’s return policy. If you’re not satisfied, our Happiness Guarantee allows you to return your glasses for free within 365 days.


If you’re in search of a particular brand or style, shopping online gives you the ability to compare prices across multiple sites. The same sunglasses seen in the stores, can be found online at a more affordable price. There are also frequent sales and various coupons or promo codes available online that can’t be used in stores.

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