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Tips for Working Out in Glasses

When working out, it’s important to be comfortable. Having to adjust your glasses, athletic wear, sneakers and whatever else, is just a distraction. Continue to be active without the frustration thanks to these tips for working out in glasses!

Working Out in Glasses

Fitted Frames

First and foremost, glasses need to fit correctly. This may sound obvious, but most people don’t wear glasses that fit properly. Read our Glasses Guides, How to Find Glasses That Fit and How to Know if Your Glasses Fit, to find perfectly-fitted frames for your work outs.

Adjustable Frames

If your frames don’t fit correctly, you may be able to do some minor tweaks on them and adjust your eyeglasses yourself. Glasses with adjustable nose pads are a great choice because you can easily fit the pads to fit snug and avoid your glasses from sliding down your nose.

Lighter Frames

The lighter the glasses frames are, the more comfortable they are. Especially when working out, avoid wearing anything bulky. Choose a pair of rimless, metal or lightweight plastic frames.

Add Straps

One of the best ways to prevent glasses from sliding is to add a strap. Tight or adjustable straps can ensure that the frames stay in place while working out, while loose straps or chains around your neck ensure the frames don’t go tumbling to the ground.

Wear Contacts

If all else fails, contact lenses may be the way to go. Our sister site,, has plenty of high-quality and affordable brands. If you need to renew your contact lens prescription, take our free Online Vision Test to speed up your order.

Find the glasses that not only fit you correctly, but also fit your lifestyle!

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