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Low Bridge Glasses

Low Nose Bridge Glasses

What is a Low Nose Bridge?

Nose bridges that sit level with or below the pupils are considered low. People with shallow set noses may also have flatter facial features, higher cheekbones, and a wider face.

Low Nose Bridge Fit Problems

There can be many signs that your glasses don’t fit. However, a common issue with low nose bridges is glasses sliding down the nose and resting heavily on the cheeks. Not only is it frustrating to constantly readjust the frames, but your vision will be blurred from the prescription lenses not lining up with your eyes.

Glasses for Low Nose Bridges

The best low bridge glasses, also referred to as Asian fit glasses, feature pronounced nose pads on the bridge. Glasses’ frames with curved temples will also help keep the frames in place. If needed, small adjustments to your eyeglasses can be made.

Metal eyeglasses with adjustable nose pads are typically the best option if you are wondering how to keep glasses from slipping. The pads can either be pinched tighter or widened to fit firmly and high up on the nose. However, people with low nose bridges can now choose from a larger variety of stylish plastic frames with nose pads such as our Westend Comfort Fit eyeglasses. Red Lotus and Red Tiger glasses also offer a mix of metal and plastic styles with adjustable nose pads and slim frames for those with high cheekbones.

Shop all of our low nose bridge glasses now for a more comfortable and secure fit!

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