Wedding-Worthy Glasses

Amanda Schafer

Weddings are all about looking your best (besides love of course). Aside from the fun, matching, heart-shaped sunglasses during bachelorette trips, what about glasses on the actual day? If contacts aren’t your thing, then you’ll want to learn what glasses styles will look fancy enough to fit into any wedding theme. Learn what wedding glasses to get as the bride, groom, or guest!

Bride Glasses

Glasses for the Bride

On the big day, all eyes are on the bride. White eyeglasses are the obvious choice, so look for subtle differences such as the shade, detailing, or pattern. Arctic and crystal white frames offer a sleek and classy addition to the bridal look. Look for little elements or patterns on the temples that add some flare to the sides without going overboard. Sunglasses or clip on glasses can be fun to transition into for your grand entrance. You’ll want frames that will complement your dress, not clash with it, so choose glasses after you’ve decided on your gown.

Groom Glasses

Glasses for the Groom

The focus should be on the love between the two of you, and not on a pair of bold and bulky glasses. Skinny plastic or metal frames are a good option since they won’t stand out, especially in pictures. For grooms that want to match their groomsman with cool shades, you can never go wrong with classic aviator sunglasses. However, be sure to run it by the bride first if you plan to wear them during the ceremony.

Eyewear for Guests

Glasses for the Guests

We all know brides are the only ones allowed to wear white, so what are some other styles and colors that would work? As a guest, it’s important to stick to the classics. Wear what matches your dress or suit, as long as it’s not too bright and distracting. Neutrals are always your best bet. Brown, black, gold, silver, or clear frames will go with every outfit and not take any attention away from the bride.

Make sure you plan ahead and shop for your wedding glasses today!


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