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Karen Vujnovic

Happy Mother's Day

Moms are some of the hardest working people on the planet. From the time your bundle of joy arrives, until long after they graduate, you're doing a lot. Sometimes you're doing it all. Diapers, laundry, helping with homework, guiding tweens through middle school, or lending your shoulder to get them through their first broken heart. Moms are the soft spot where kids land when things get rough, and their biggest cheerleaders throughout life. We commend moms around the globe for their strength, perseverance, selflessness, and love that makes growing up a whole lot easier.

So, this coming Mother's Day, it's our hope that the wondrous women who rear children get a long reprieve from tiny humans clambering for attention or moody teens rolling their eyes. You deserve to catch a long and lovely break from the sometimes bumpy road of parenthood. As you relish in the cards, homemade gifts, a world-class brunch, and sipping chardonnay from your "World's Greatest Mom" mug, we couldn't let your special day pass without giving you a little something ourselves. Every mom needs a chance to change it up now and again, so we created a 20 percent off coupon just for you. We know, we know, you didn't expect a gift, but it's our little way of saying thanks for all you do. Go on and treat yourself, and have a spectacular Mother's Day!

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Karen Vujnovic

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