Time for New Glasses?

Karen Vujnovic

Eyeglasses should be updated every one to two years, but many people keep glasses way past their optical prime. Often, it's the high cost of eye doctors' frames and lenses that keep people from making a switch. We aren't picking on the good doctors, but purchasing eyewear through them is roughly four times higher than you need to pay. While you ponder the possibilities of what you could do with those hundreds of dollars you could save, we'll be over here keeping prices low so everyone can get the eyewear they deserve.

5 Reasons to Replace Your Old Glasses

1. Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines

As eyes age, vision changes. If you're finding that your view isn't as clear as it once was through your old specs it's probably time to schedule an eye exam to see if your prescription needs updated. Living with blurry vision can lead to eyestrain, headaches, and faster deterioration of your vision—and no one wants that.

2. Scratched Lenses

Scratched Lenses

Even with proper care, lenses inevitably become scratched due to natural wear and tear, and your view becomes distorted. These flaws decrease clarity, increase distraction, and can be noticeable to others.

3. Outdated Optics

Outdated Optics

If you're wearing decades-old glasses, it might be a good time for a change. Retro glasses are cool, old and dated glasses are not. Updating to a modern frame will help shed years from your appearance and update your style.

4. Uncomfortable Specs

Uncomfortable Frames

If your eyeglasses make you twitch and fuss, it's a good sign you're in need of better fitting frames. Ill-fitting eyewear is not only irritating to wear, but may lead to headaches.

5. Glare Despair

Glare Despair

Older lenses might not have an anti-reflective coating that improves durability and prevents excess glare. Harsh glare can cause eyestrain and reflecting light can be a hazard for anyone who requires glasses for nighttime driving. The Vision Council recommends wearing no-glare or polarized lenses to minimize glare that comes from the road or other objects.

Whether you're replacing old glasses, or adding to your collection of eyewear, eyeglasses with an updated prescription and modern lens technology is important for healthy eyes. And if you have old pairs of glasses stashed in drawers and boxes throughout your house—dig them out and do some good. Organizations like the Lions Club collect and re-distribute donated glasses to low income families.

Karen Vujnovic

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Taylor Hansen
It really helped when you said to get new glasses if the frames are outdated. My glasses are starting to fall apart and I want to get a new one with a more updated frame. I'll look online for glasses that I like and have my prescription as well.
12/22/2020 12:30:21 PM
Oh my goodness – i’m SO in need of new glasses. Thanks for sharing Karen – I’m going to take a look!
6/23/2019 12:29:04 PM

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