Studious Styles for Back to School

Amanda Schafer

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about the most important thing about going back to school — what you’re going to wear. No two people have the exact same fashion sense, and it can be difficult to determine your unique style. To help you find glasses you’ll love, we’ve grouped together styles based on the things you love!

Bookworm Glasses

The Bookworm

Do you spend most of your day with your head tucked away in books? Whether you use reading glasses or eyeglasses, we have plenty of options for both! Some avid readers also enjoy readings on a phone or tablet. To avoid eye strain, blue light lenses can be added to eyeglasses!

Artsy Eyeglasses

The Artist

Are your most prized possessions your art supplies? If you love to create beautiful pieces through paper or pictures, then why not also put that time and energy into yourself? Treat yourself with fun and colorful frames that show off your creative side!

Sports Goggles

The Athlete

Are you part of a sports team or two at school? If so, you should be taking the extra precaution of wearing sports goggles. Sports Goggles for kids are essential for avoiding eye injuries, not just for those that need vision correction, especially in contact sports. Another option is to add straps onto eyeglasses to keep them in place while being active. However, regular eyeglasses don’t have the certified impact protection that sports goggles do.

Classic and Timless Glasses

The Minimalist

You can be a minimalist in many aspects—with your wardrobe, home décor, daily activities, and even school supplies for back to school. If you’re always going for the neutrals and basics, then chances are you also prefer classic and timeless glasses. Our in-house brands, Lunettos, Westend, and Arlington, all have plenty of versatile styles that can be worn all day every day.

Back to school shopping should be fun, not feel like a chore. Be sure to add glasses to your back-to-school checklist this year. Even if you aren’t in need of a new pair at the moment, take advantage of back-to-school sales and deals while you can! If you prefer to wait, our student and teacher discounts are always available to use.

Amanda Schafer

A graduate of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University, Amanda works hard at balancing her passion for writing and marketing. She is a Pittsburgh native that just recently moved to Columbus and enjoys doing just about anything outdoors from going on hikes to taking her dog for walks around the city.

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