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What Reading Glasses Strength Do I Need?


Much like death and taxes, reading glasses are one of those things you can count on in life. After you hit that milestone 40th birthday, it's like a switch turns off and your once-amazing eyesight is suddenly a blurred mess that makes menus and text messages archenemy number one.


We Have An Eye For Great Books: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn


Bespectacled folks are often seen as studious types who are quick to silence the faintest of whispers when they’re head-down in their favorite place—a book.


We Have An Eye For Great Books: The Glass Castle


Who doesn't love a good memoir? There's something so wonderfully compelling about gaining access to someone's innermost thoughts. It's like finding your sister's unlocked diary with pages upon pages of intimate details waiting for you to inspect and absorb, and all without the childhood risk of being chased down the street and a threat of telling mom.

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