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Meet Elise: DG's Buyer


Being a buyer goes far beyond looking at cool specs and whipping out a corporate card to pay for a bevy of fine looking frames. When we chatted with Elise Buchholz, the buyer for, we learned that your math game needs to be sharp and you need a firm "no" to handle a lot of the sales reps peddling their wares. Being a buyer, she tells us, isn't anything like a day at the mall. Here's what Elise had to say about curating our inventory, her favorite smell, and why she won't ever shave her head.


Meet Mara: DG's Photographer


We often have photo shoots outside, but we can assure you that everything it takes to get the perfect shot is anything but a walk in the park. Don't get us wrong—this is the stuff we love to do, but it takes a whole lot more than snapping a few images and calling it a day.