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Eye Color: Where'd You Get Those Peepers?

Health, Fashion

Eloquent poems, centuries of love letters, and many a song have been penned about eyes—some specifically for their hue. Gorgeous irises garner a lot of attention, even earning celebs nicknames like Old Blue Eyes and Violet Eyes. So what is it about exquisite eye color that makes us swoon?


Prescription Sunglasses Are a Sight for Sore Eyes

Lifestyle, Health, Fashion

Nearsighted or farsighted, your bright days ahead are about to be in perfect sun-filtered focus. Who says you can't rock a pair of sunnies and read your novel of choice on a deck chair somewhere grand?


Back to School Is Easy On the Eyes

Lifestyle, Fashion

Soon, many of us will head back to school. Little ones, tweens, teens, college students, teachers and professors alike will be back at their educational institutions to teach and be taught. Emotions are mixed, the air is still warm, and the days of lazing about are coming to a close. Now's the time to prepare. Make a list, check it twice, and get everything you need for the school year.