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We Have An Eye For Great Books: The Glass Castle


Who doesn't love a good memoir? There's something so wonderfully compelling about gaining access to someone's innermost thoughts. It's like finding your sister's unlocked diary with pages upon pages of intimate details waiting for you to inspect and absorb, and all without the childhood risk of being chased down the street and a threat of telling mom.


You'll Be the Apple of Dad's Eye

Lifestyle, Fashion

We're only a few days out from Father's Day—but, it's not too late to get a little something for the big guy. And he deserves it.


Time for New Glasses?

Lifestyle, Health, Fashion

Eyeglasses should be updated every one to two years, but many people keep glasses way past their optical prime. Often, it's the high cost of eye doctors' frames and lenses that keep people from making a switch. We aren't picking on the good doctors, but purchasing eyewear through them is roughly four times higher than you need to pay. While you ponder the possibilities of what you could do with those hundreds of dollars you could save, we'll be over here keeping prices low so everyone can get the eyewear they deserve.

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