Prescription Sunglasses Are a Sight for Sore Eyes

Karen Vujnovic

Prescription Sunglasses

Nearsighted or farsighted, your bright days ahead are about to be in perfect sun-filtered focus. Who says you can't rock a pair of sunnies and read your novel of choice on a deck chair somewhere grand? With a pair of our Lunettos prescription sunglasses, you can keep everything in clear focus and your spring break style on point.

As well as being the perfect beach accessory or going incognito, sunglasses also play an integral part in your eye health. Sunglasses protect eyes from ultraviolet (UV) rays and help reduce eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches—including migraines—that are triggered by bright light. That glowing ball of gas in the sky is responsible for an estimated 20 percent of cataracts. Just imagine, you could potentially avoid surgery later in life and look amazing all year 'round with a pair of prescription sunglasses that cost less than a week's worth of lattes.

No longer will you have to squint through your eyeglasses when you drive on sunny days, long for large-text books to keep you company while you're poolside, or do the unmentionable—don regular sunglasses over your prescription eyewear to keep the glare down. (Never do this. Please.) Trust us, once you lay your hands on Lunettos prescription sunglasses, you'll see that doubling up on eyewear wasn't the answer after all. And a little bonus—your friends won't roll their eyes and refer to you as a walking fashion faux pas.

Karen Vujnovic

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