How Hot & Cold Weather Affects Contacts & Glasses

Amanda Schafer

Foggy Glasses

As the seasons change, the weather can go from one extreme temperature to the next. This can cause problems for your glasses and contacts while you’re wearing them and even while you’re not.


Because contact lenses are worn in the eye, the body usually acts as the first line of defense to hot or cold weather. Only in extenuating circumstances would you have to worry about taking precautions. Unopened contacts in their original packaging are even more indestructible. You’ll never have to worry about them being damaged in extreme temperatures.

Hot Weather

  • Sweat can get between your contact and your eye, causing possible infections while wearing contacts.
  • Contacts can be left in the heat without damage as long as the packing is unopened.

Cold Weather

  • Contacts can dry out faster while you’re wearing them from the cold air and wind.
  • Contacts can freeze while being stored in solution at about 5°F(-15°C). As long as the packaging isn’t open they can be left out at room temperature for a few hours and will return back to normal.


Unfortunately, glasses are much more susceptible to temperature variances. It also doesn’t discriminate between hot or cold; both the frame and lens can be negatively affected by extreme temperatures.

  • Glasses can become foggy during temperature changes.
  • Glasses can become warped and change shape if left in extreme heat or cold (especially plastic glasses). The lenses could crack and the frames can stretch.
  • Extreme temperature changes can cause glasses lenses to expand and contract, changing the optics. This can lead to distorted vision the next time you wear them.

It is important to know how to care for your contacts and glasses to protect your eyes and avoid distorted vision or possible eye infections. Make sure to take your glasses out of your car on a hot or cold day and bring them inside. You don’t have to worry about contacts being delivered and left at your doorstep in the cold or heat as long as the packaging is unopened.

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