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Amanda Schafer

You sit down to play a game and next thing you know a couple of hours have gone by...sound familiar? It’s no secret that gaming is addictive. Whether you’re playing on an Xbox, PlayStation, tablet, or smartphone, you can end up sitting for hours on end without even noticing how much time has gone by. You also might not realize that all of that screen time exposes you to harmful blue light.

Gamers Glasses

Why Gaming Glasses?

Have you ever been hit with a blinding headache just as you’re about to execute a takedown? Ever stare at a screen so hard while searching for the ultimate prize that your vision starts to blur? Those are not coincidences. Along with insomnia and dry eyes, headaches and vision changes are all symptoms of too much screen time.

The Best Gaming Glasses

Adding eyewear that filters out blue light to your gaming accessories is the best way to fight against symptoms of prolonged blue light exposure and extend your gaming time. Computer glasses are one option for those who don’t need vision correction, while blue light lenses can be added to prescription eyeglasses. Game longer and better with gaming glasses!

Amanda Schafer

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