Easy DIY Halloween Costumes (With Glasses)

Karen Vujnovic

DIY Halloween Costumes

Don't let glasses inhibit your costume or allow a last-minute Halloween party invitation send shivers down your spine. Pulling an iconic costume together for the spectacle-wearing population is as easy as catching a rerun of your favorite 90s sitcom.

Check your closets, search storage bins, or hit the local thrift store to gather the clothes you thought you'd never need (or want) again. It's the time of year when forgotten garments get to make a comeback, even if it's just for one night. A cardigan sweater, a little black dress, 'mom' jeans, your grandmother's pearls, or even those obnoxiously patriotic pants your dad wears at summer cookouts.

But, a word of warning: Be prepared for fans of the cult classics to recite their favorite character's lines. All. Night. Long.


High-waisted jeans, a collared, button-up shirt, redheaded wig (unless you're blessed with lovely locks) and our Lunettos Regina frames and bam!—you're a Demogorgan's dinner.


A long skirt, grandma's cardigan, black shoes and white socks with our Arlington Eyewear AR1021 frames, and your dance moves will go from ten to zero before you can say sponge-worthy.


A blue polo, red bandana, American flag pants (you know you have some), and Adlens Interface glasses create a dynamite look for any martial arts madman.


A sleeveless black dress, a hair pin that sparkles, Prive Revaux sunnies, and you'll epitomize a 1960s NYC socialite.

Karen Vujnovic

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