Choosing Frames for Your Face Shape

Karen Vujnovic

Even though your favorite celeb is rocking a giant pair of thick square frames, they might not be the best look for you. It's all about face shape when you're selecting eyewear. As a general rule of thumb, the frames you choose should be the opposite of your face shape to offset your prominent features and create balance.

For example, if your face is especially wide, wearing rectangular frames that lack height will make your face seem longer. Similarly, if you have a particularly angular face, wearing a pair of curved glasses will help you give your face a softer appearance.


Oval Face Shape
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Oval faces are the luckiest of the face shapes when it comes to eyewear. They're balanced with high cheekbones and narrow chins, which make them compatible with almost any frame style. Geometric shapes like squares or rectangles are great choices; the only real limitation is a frame with features so dramatic that they throw off your naturally balanced proportions.

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Round Face Shape
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Round faces are the easiest to recognize because of their equal length and width. Round face shapes are all about curves and soft angles, so to create the illusion of length and angles choose geometric and rectangular frames. The goal is to make the face appear longer and thinner, so it almost goes without saying, avoid wearing circular frames.

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Square Face Shape
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Square faces have that movie star quality-a strong jawline and prominent angular features that look great in photos and on film. The goal is to lengthen and soften the face by adding curving lines, it's best to steer away from geometric frames and look for round, oval, and cat-eye glasses so the sharpness of your facial features is not exaggerated.

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Heart Face Shape
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The most distinguishing features of heart-shaped faces are wide foreheads, high cheekbones, and a pointy chin. This face shape resembles an upside-down triangle or wait for it... a heart. When choosing glasses, the goal is to minimize the width of your forehead, elongate your face, and broaden the appearance of the chin Round frames provide a nice contrast, but since you can wear a number of styles, frames that are slightly wider than your forehead or have prominent endpoints like cat-eye frames can add visual interest by echoing your face shape.

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Diamond Face Shape
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Diamond faces are generally thought to be as compatible with all glasses types as oval shapes. While most frame styles work with diamond face shapes, wearing glasses with more curves may help since people with diamond faces frequently have highly angular features. Avoid wearing overly angular glasses that make the forehead and chin seem more narrow than the cheekbones.

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Remember, the key to finding eyewear that works is creating facial balance and style that speaks to you.

Karen Vujnovic

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Lillian Schaeffer
Thanks for letting me know that oval faces work with almost any glasses frame. My face is pretty much oval, so that's good news for me! I won't worry about the shape of the frames I get, then.
2/26/2019 3:44:19 PM
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1/25/2019 2:20:11 AM

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