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Karen Vujnovic

How to shop for kids' glasses

Let's be honest, kids are pretty likely to break, lose, or otherwise assault their eyeglasses. So why spend a fortune on something that's bound to be annihilated by the sweetest little hands? Ordering kids' glasses online can save moms and dads everywhere a ton of cash, and starting at $39.95 our prices make it easy to afford multiple pairs for your lively little one.

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365-day guarantee

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Returns and exchanges are free

Aside from saving parents money, DiscountGlasses.com also makes buying kids’ glasses online easy.

1. Get a Prescription: To get started, have your child's eyes examined by an eye doctor and obtain a valid eyeglass prescription.

2. Measure Away: No two kids are alike, so you'll want the correct measurements to assure a good fit. The easiest way to get these measurements is to measure your child's current pair of glasses (if they fit well).

The measurements for the lens width, bridge width, and temple length are on the inside of the temple:

How to find the measures on the temples

If the numbers have worn off, you can measure the frames yourself (in millimeters).

  • Lenses: measure the lens horizontally across its widest point.
  • Bridge: measure across the part of the bridge that rests on the nose.
  • Temples: measure temples from where they connect to the front of the frame to where the bend begins. Then measure the section that bends behind your ear, and add the two numbers together.
Measuring lens and bridge width
Measuring the temple length

3. Determine PD: Finally, measure the pupilary distance (PD) between your child's eyes to ensure that the center of your child's eyes match up with the optical center of their glasses.

  • Hold a ruler against your child’s brow
  • Align the ruler’s 0 mm mark with the center of the left pupil
  • The millimeter line that aligns with the center of the right pupil is the PD
  • Kids’ PD measurements vary slightly based on age:
    • Babies 9 to 18 months: 35 mm to 40 mm
    • Children 18 months to 3 years: 40 mm to 45 mm
    • Children 4 and older: 41mm to 55 mm

See? Not too scary, right? And once you have all of the numbers you need, the fun part of choosing the perfect frames begins. Happy browsing!

Karen Vujnovic

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Kyah Felland
Is there anyway you guys can send the measurement glasses to me to make sure i am ordering the correct sizes that will for sure for my daughter?
4/26/2019 8:39:09 PM

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