Best Beach Sunglasses

Amanda Schafer

While you pack your bags for vacation, don’t forget about your sunglasses. We all have that favorite pair of go-to sunglasses that we wear everywhere. However, because certain sunglasses are more useful for some activities over others, it can’t hurt to pack more than one pair.

Beach Sunglasses

Driving To Your Destination

If you’re traveling by car, polarized sunglasses are ideal for driving. They reduce the glare off of metal and glass, so you won’t be blinded by the sun bouncing off of surrounding cars. A good feature to look for on polarized sunglasses is wrap frames. These won’t block your peripheral vision and cover your eyes from the sun at all angles. The lenses should be a darker tint such as gray, amber, or copper because vibrant tints will distort certain colors. If your vision needs to be corrected, prescription polarized sunglasses are also available.

Athletic Activities

To keep your glasses in place while participating in one of the many active beach activities, consider sport sunglasses with a wrap design or buying an eyeglass strap. The Croakies brand features plenty of adjustable straps, cords, and chains made from flexible materials. Straps paired with sunglasses that have rubber nose pads and temple tips will keep your sunglasses in place while being active.

Laying by the Pool/Beach

While you’re tanning, as important as it is to protect your skin with sunscreen, your eyes need to be protected as well. And just like picking out your swimsuit, pick out a pair of sunglasses that show off your style. Our Lunettos collection is stylish while also being affordable so you won’t be too worried about getting them wet or sandy.

Shopping/Day in Town

There’s always going to be a day or afternoon where you take a break from the beach. After you’ve showered off the sand and salt water, it’s time to trade out your swimsuit and dress up for an afternoon on the town. This is the perfect opportunity to show off those trendy new shades. Our Westend collection is ideal for that occasion.

For the Kids

There are plenty of things to worry about while your kids are playing on the beach, their eyewear doesn’t have to be one of them. Protect their eyes from the sand and the sun with children’s sunglasses. Our Picklez Flex brand has lightweight and flexible sunglasses that will be comfortable for all ages. They also have adjustable straps so they will stay put no matter what they’re playing. If you want them to have polarized lenses as well as vision correction, kids' prescription polarized sunglasses are also available.

Amanda Schafer

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