All You Need is Love

All You Need Is Love

Are we stepping over the line if we say that we want to hook you up with the perfect one? After all, you spend a lot of time with your glasses. And just like with love, we want to make sure that you're happy. There's nothing worse than investing time and money in something that's not a good match and bound to fall apart.
So, our dedicated team of eyeglass connoisseurs have looked them over, sized them up and are ready to introduce you to some of their favorites.

"Red Lotus 218Z allows me to wear glasses again. I grew up always wanting that perfect pair of chunky plastic frames, but due to my low bridge, the only frames that comfortably fit my face were boring metal ones. Red Lotus has alleviated that struggle by including adjustable nose pads with all of their frames. It's fashion and fit wrapped in one affordable package."

-Wendy, Digital Content Specialist

"I love the eclectic spirit of the Serafina Megan frames. They're the perfect mix of old and new—square, modern fronts with just a hint of cat-eye, coupled with a tortoiseshell pattern that adds a dash of old-school, bookish sophistication. And no matter what I'm wearing, they pull every look togther for under $60 (with lenses)!"

-Karen, Copywriter

"I love Lunettos Winston glasses for how timeless and classic they look without being old-fashioned. You can easily pair them with a suit and tie to get a sophisticated look or wear them with a plain tee for a rugged look. Think of it as retro 2.0."

-Raquib, Graphic Designer

"All you need is a classic black frame to round out any style. I'm not into flashy colors or metallic details, but I'm a sucker for a classically-contoured pair of black glasses. What better way to frame the windows to your soul?"

-Mara, Photographer

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