Optics Laboratory Mini Drops Eye Therapy

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Optics Laboratory Mini Drops Eye Therapy

Soothing Relief for eyes - Mini Drops Lubricant Eye Drops are preservative free. These drops can be used with or without contact lenses. Mini Drops relieve dry eyes, discomfort, and minor irritation resulting from lengthy drive time and overexposure to heaters and air conditioning. Mini Drops protect and soothe computer-induced eye tiredness, stress, and dryness. They're preservative-free and recommended for safe daily use.


  • Individual package to avoid cross-contamination from repeated use
  • Biodegradable / toxic-free material safe for our environment
  • Compact mini-size easy to carry

Size: 30 sterile single-use droppers with 0.02 fl. oz. (.06mL)  in each container

Ingredients: Providone (0.6% Lubricant), Polyvinyl Alcohol (1.4% Lubricant)