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Computer Eyed CE108 Modern Reading Glasses

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Computer Eyed CE108 Modern Reading Glasses

Computer Eyed 108 Modern Reading Glasses are computer glasses made to alleviate eye strain caused by long term computer use. Made with a curvy plastic frame that uses a partial tortoise pattern, Computer Eyed 108 Computer Eyeglasses are both utilitarian as well as image conscious. The rounded square design features wide lenses that won't distract your peripheral vision as much as computer glasses with small frames would.
  • Computer Eyed 108 glasses correct for reading vision on the bottom and mid-range of the lens, and correct computer vision on the top range of the lenses.
  • Built with lenses specifically designed to relieve eye-strain associated with viewing digital displays.
  • Plastic frame provides comfortable lightweight wear ideal for long work days, extensive reading, or frequent gaming.

  • Power: +1.50
  • Brand: Computer Eyed
  • Frame Color: Tortoise